Do you want to develop new skills, undergo an important transition, or move forward in life? I help individuals refine their goals, lead their lives with boldness and purpose, and learn the skills they need to live a more fulfilled and rewarding life.


Have you recently experienced a disappointment, loss or crisis in your mental health? I support individuals, families and groups in processing the challenges of life and resolving issues that would otherwise prevent health and happiness.


Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur or employed professional, seeking corporate solutions for your brand? I support organisations through strategic planning, research-based insight, and solution implementation.

Step 1


I review your current status, whether in business, relationships, mental health or your career, identifying potential issues and planning the best ways to address them.

Step 2


I work with clients to develop effective solutions and consider various methods for implementing them, creating both short-term and long-term plans of action.

Step 3


I help clients incorporate new solutions into their modus operandi; whether by overseeing new business structures or providing the tools for their progression.

Step 4


I track and evaluate the effectiveness of all solutions adopted, offering advice for next steps and contingency plans for various outcomes.

Everyone has infinite potential. But often, it takes the right guidance, insight and support to discover it.

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Major Achievements

Throughout my many years as a consultant, coach and entrepreneur, I have been able to make a lasting impact on various organisations and individuals around the world.


years experience

I have gained a wealth of skills and experience through a long career in real estate, make up, beauty and life coaching.



I am proficient in helping clients develop the skills and knowledge they need to grow their business, brand, community or organisation.


completed projects

I have worked with companies, charities, community groups and individual clients across numerous sectors and industries.


Sessions cover a wide range of topics, including business, career, relationships and well-being.


Discover how to launch, manage and grow a successful business, product or corporate venture


Go further in your career with the essential tools, tips and techniques for professional advancement


Enjoy fulfilment, purpose and health, with sessions to help you live a longer, happier life

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Hear what some of our clients loved about our events and services.


“We have had loads of great feedback since our sessions in early 2017. Many of our patients have noticed the improvement in patient care, and we have even been nominated for several awards!”

— Priya C.


“Seema helped us strategise for the year ahead, helping us plan our marketing strategy, streamline our supply chain and set up new sales technology.”

— Jonathan W.


“Thanks to the strategies we received we have been able to expand our client base and increase our sales by 33% over the past quarter! We are absolutely thrilled.”

— Maxwell B.


My sessions with Seema were a real breath of fresh air. I was able to analyse and unpack so many of my mental processes and behavioural patterns, allowing me to plan a healthier, happier future.”

 — Jenna M.