Mental Health10 Ways To Eliminate Stress

July 10, 2018by admin

Stress is our everyday companion and it is impossible to completely avoid it. Even though it does not mean there is nothing we can do to manage it. Stress is a normal reaction to different stressors that cause it.Different events that trigger stress response have one thing in common: they shake our physical balance, which can express physically, mentally, emotionally or behaviorally.Anyone that would like to eliminate negative effects of stress, can adapt to stressors, manage or – if possible – even remove them.

Through life experience we evolve different stress management strategies. Some of us develop great, others not so good strategies. But remember that everyone can learn healthy skills to manage stress anytime, so start today.

Good strategies to confronting stress are oriented towards the problem, trying to understand and remove or reduce the negative feelings the problem causes. On the other hand, denial, ignorance, shifting the cause of the problem, alcohol and other drug abuse,or even too strong emotional reaction and negative thoughts are usually less efficient. But we cannot say that every reaction works best in every situation.

Remove the Cause

To cope with stress successfully we should remove the cause of stress. In other words, try to understand, why and how a situation became stressful and what can we do to resolve it. Straight confrontation with stress can provoke negative feelings, emotions or anxiety. An effective long-term solution is removing the cause of stress.

Sometimes it is impossible to remove the stressor. If that is the case we should change our reaction: release the tensions, caused by stress. In any case, do not ignore or deny the problem! It will always stick around anyway. Avoid the idea: “The problem I don’t see doesn’t exist.”

10 Tips for Stress Management

1. Get a good night sleep.

2. Stay physically active.

3. Humor and optimism are very constructive ways to manage stress.

4. Try to anticipate the stressful events and prepare for them.

5. Don’t put yourself in more stressful situations than necessary.

6. Take time for some fun, relaxation or other activities that make you happy.

7. Accept the facts you cannot change.

8. Find what causes stress and remove it.

9. Learn time management.

10. Don’t whine – rather think of changes you can make yourself!