Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Seema Agarwal, and I am fully trained and qualified Health & Beauty practitioner, an NLP consultant and a business coach, who loves to help people achieve their goals.

As well as being a life coach and make-up artist, I maintain a thriving blog, on which I regularly post articles, videos, recipes and other creative content. I enjoy painting, gardening, cooking and learning new skills, and I am passionate about impacting my community in a positive way, which is why I’m associated with a number of charities, including the Lions Club. But of all my roles, opportunities and experiences, my favourite by far is being the proud mum of two wonderful, grown-up boys.

My ultimate goal is to live a life of continuous love, peace, freedom and fulfilment in everything I set out to do. My motto is “be thankful for who you are and what you have” because I believe that there is power and beauty in embracing oneself and one’s uniqueness.

Core Values

I am passionate about helping others manifest their ultimate potential. To that end, I offer a service that fosters development and growth in the most open, holistic and supportive environment possible.


I maintain a stringent policy of communication, honesty and trust, through which clients can feel confident in the sincerity of my service.


I employ a wide range of skills, which have been proven to enhance performance, accelerate growth, and improve team cohesion and morale.


I draw on my vast experience as a licensed coach, entrepreneur, beauty therapist and more to give clients the best advice and support possible.


I bring a unique and invigorating energy to every project I take on; inspiring individuals and teams with my zest for life and dogged determination.

Most Popular Workshops

Sessions cover a wide range of topics, including business, career, relationships and well-being. Here are some of the workshops that have been the most effective for participants.

Enjoy Your Life

Lead a more enjoyable life by learning to embracing life’s pleasures, solve its problems, and chart your destiny based on purpose and fulfilment.

How To Start A Business

Realise your professional dreams and experience corporate success, through a process of planning, development and growth.

Increase Your Productivity

Discover the skills and methods you need to improve your focus, efficiency, time management and quality output.